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"BLUE" with Kim Dingle and Edgar Cruz, 515 Gallery, Los Angeles. February-March, 2023



Some of the small collages and paintings for this exhibition were created in the winter of 2023, responding to the massive storms that hit the California coast. Nine days of unending high surf, torrential rains, and flooding bear witness to the effects of the disastrous climate crisis we now live in. Other sketches were inspired by a massive krill run a few years back in the Monterey Bay, providing migrating whales a feast of joyous proportions that lasted for days. The beauty of black mammalian bodies in the water, or the sickening slick seduction of black oil that leaks and drips destruction on the lands we call earth are presented in these images. The viscosity of the natural materials- oil, water, charcoal (from burnt wood) presents us with aesthetic solutions to our human-induced environmental emergency. The shapes of pods and kelp buds echo our own human bodies, in cell structure and inter-species biological adaptations. Within these connections, these shared forms of life, there is hope.

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