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"This edition of The Book of Revelation presents Los Angeles/Prague artist Barbara Benish's graphic interpretations of the final chapter of the New Testament. Her illustrations dramatize the horror and beauty of St. John's apocalyptic vision. By closely integrating her images and the biblical literature in a large format, and using the highest standards of craft in its production, every effort has been made to recreate a sense of the monumental that emanates from the texts of incunabula. Just as Benish's linoleum cuts gain strength from reference to previous interpretations of this text by Durer, Cranach, and Blake, I pay homage to the fierce beauty and sense of spirituality created by the perfection of craft fond in the printed book's rich heritage. Collaboratively, we seek to provide a link between the past and present which will nourish those who continue to believe in the transformative power of art and literature."

Robin Price
Publisher and Printer 1993

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