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I   Mni Wiconi - Voda je život - Water is Life

   installation of glass, water, wood, found       objects in the Chapel of St. Jan Křitele of       Holyní, Prague. Galerii Laboratoř, Prague 

  inspired by the protest song and religious    beliefs of the Lakota peoples fighting the      DAPL pipeline at Standing Rock, North      Dakota, USA in 2017.

       Curator: Karel Zavadil 


In a former place of worship in the outskirts of the capitol city of Czech Republic, is the small neighborhood chapel of St. Jan of Holyně, where weddings and baptisms were once performed by the Christians. The rough wooden and rusty construction in the center of the chapel, played off against the sparkling glass (famous Bohemian crystal), and dripping water, reminds us that all water is sacred, in all parts of the world, across religions, class, and geography. The fragile, precarious, temporary materiality of the construction is in contrast to the permanence of the stone church. Balance and distribution of weight hang in question as the viewer experiences the sound of water dripping on to the floor.

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