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exhibition extended until May 15, 2024

2023_07 - 09_Flash Art_Niekolko zelenych zaznamov nadrozmernej ciernej s....jpg
Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 11.57.48 AM.png

Above and Below

AltaSea exhibition  originally at at the Port of Los Angeles (San Pedro), California. curated by Kim Abeles, traveled to the Kellogg University Art Gallery, in collaboration with Gallery Curator, Michele Cairella Fillmore. Cal Poly Pomona.
(Jan 22, 2024 to Mar 21, 2024)


This is part of a larger exhibition, panel and celebration of the work the Harrisons, curated by Tatiana Sizonenka for Pacific Standard Time

 fall 2024

more information on Benish's contribution to follow

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