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Sound installation for Sonic Garden #3, BioTroja, curated by Miloš Voytechovský. City Gallery, Prague

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"Above and Below", AltaSea exhibition at the Port of Los Angeles (San Pedro), California. Opens October 14, 2023, curated by Kim Abeles


 work about water:, including the
SS Palo Alto Project  in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary,


"Blue" @515 gallery, Bendex Bldg. 
Los Angeles. Closing reception:
March 11, 7-9 pm. 2023

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Barbara Lucilla Benish is an artist, curator, writer and farmer, originally from California. Her art challenges and plays with the historical narratives that create dystopic environments, such as we find ourselves in today. Often community based, Benish's art engages beauty and form in a passionate embrace of the natural world. She lives and works in California and Central Europe. Benish is Founding Director of ArtMill in rural Bohemia, an international eco-art center. Her most recent book (co-authored, 2022, Routledge), is Art, Farming, and Food for the Future

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