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Beginning in the early 1990's the focus of my work has shifted from the body to the larger body or planet: the environment, although both are intimately related. Working in photography, video, painting, graphics, and installation, the medium is determined by the site and content, often combining them in an overlay of metaphor and visual play.


This installation, first exhibited at University of Houston, Texas in fall of 2011, is based on the theme of "ubiquity". It started with a sketch of plastic chairs from 1998, which expanded to an exploration of toxins and chemicals in the environment that are damaging both human and marine life at an alarming rate. I've been looking at the plastic pollution in the oceans, and also plastic consumption in general of our global society. In particular children's toys. The objects have been re-visualized into a more 'sinister' context that one normally associated with play objects, thereby jolting the viewer to experience a shift in perception. Other associated installations have dealt with "body burden", ie., the amount of chemical burden now present in all humans, and our disconnect from nature in general. "Ubiquity" refers to the persistent pollutants surrounding our lives at every corner, as well as the white plastic chairs we all sit in at every outdoor cafe and backyard around the world, feigning relaxation.




Swan, 2010 

found objects, screws, monofilament


Nuclear Chairs, 2006

cast porcelain

BB sketch081.jpg

Installation view, O'Kane

Gallery, University of Texas, 2011

Ubiquity, plastic chairs, video monitors, cables

Body Burden, 2010

syringes, water, willows, cast glass, wire, monofilament


Out of the Attic, 2009

found materials, oil on paper, woodblock print


all video images by the crew of the 5 Gyres Institute at sea on plastic pollution research, 2008-10


Sitting Duck, 2010

photograph on archival paper,

50 x 60 cm

sitting duck.JPG
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