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In the summer of 2022, strange stones began surfacing in European rivers that were drying up do to drought. They were carved with warnings from previous humans who also suffered from lack of water. This piece dances around themes of hunger, drought, and our misplaced perceptions of identity and information, vis a vis media in our contemporary world, specifically regarding human interaction with the environment.  The performance starts at dusk, as it is the time between worlds, when we can neither see nor focus on dark or light. The River Vltava winds through the center of Prague in Central Europe; the castles of both ancient matriarchies and patriarchies overlook the contemporary scene. The intention is that the audience must work to view the “dance” on the moving screen, but in fact the/a/n-other reality was behind the scenes, which is simultaneously projected onto the large screen on shore. The fabric-covered raft,  looking rag-tag and home-made could be a boat floating on the river in Bangkok, or Paris, or Mexico, pieced together with pins and tape. The work is intended to make the audience a little uncomfortable, and perhaps uneasy- a state where we begin to question who/where we are.  

The camera work projected onto the screen on the riverside shows the actual, gross, hard, stupid work behind the illusion of art being made on the screen. The entirety of this pseudo-identity is what actually comments on  the topic of the festival. And harkens back to Plato's Cave.

We are not yet facing hunger lines in Czech Republic, but the climate induced droughts/wars are showing signs that are warning us what will happen as water becomes scarce. Like 

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