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Toy Boats in the Garden, 1998

installation w/Carolanne Patterson

Plasy Monastery, CZ

curator: Miloš Vojtechovský

text from the curator

Plasy, Hermit Foundation

In this installation we wanted to acknowledge the history of the Cistercian monks at the monastery, their unique knowledge of the natural sciences, appreciation of the natural world, and the life of the mind. The hand-made 'alphabet boats' float in the renovated fountain, center of the courtyard, in an acknowledgment of language and communication. The floating garden container can survive only with mechanical intervention: a make-do irrigation system of a water wheel that turns by hand. The possible symbiosis of human knowledge and the environment is implied in a child-like fantasy of floating boats, that are as precarious as the garden that requires a hand to water it. 

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"Without water a building collapses".

Cistercian monastery in the valley of the Střela river that is one of the unique sights of the Pilsen Region. The monastery was founded in 1144 and magnificently rebuilt in the Baroque style by the architects Mathey and Santini. The convent building is built on water on 5100 oak piles, which reinforce the swampy ground there. The level of ground water is still maintained by a sophisticated water system. More on Plasy Monastery


Plasy Monastery was home to an avant-garde collection of artists and events organized under the auspices of the Hermit Foundation, brainchild of artist/curator Miloš Vojtechovský from 1992-99. 

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