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"Cauldron" was originally installed at Prague Castle, at the Plečnik Gallery, a converted private chapel for presidents, turned to an art space after the revolution. It is surrounded by the beautiful gardens designed by architect Josip Plečnik after WWI, inspired by the Biblical gardens of Paradise. The numerous cauldrons in the garden were the architect's ode to the female elements of containment, nurturing, holding, and water. The cauldron is also traditionally associated with witches and cooks. 




Cauldron (1995)

plaster, wire, steel, ice

dripping water through plumber's pipes and glass


Melancholia Baby, 1999

series of ink drawing on photographs, 50 x 60 cm.


installation , 1997

at Moravska Galerie, Brno

for the exhibition "Melancholia" inspired by Albrecht Durer's famous etching.

wallpaper: "melancholia" pattern, drawn on photo images of the artists' baby daughter, modelled on the cherub in the Melancholia print by Durer. "Euphorbia" is the herb held in Durer's self-portrait of when he was engaged to be married. It is an herb of protection, and also highly poisonous.


Floors detail: forest moss


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