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Dallas, Texas

Trinity River Audubon Center – a permanent, public, teaching garden designed and constructed by Barbara Benish as a part of her on-going project about the connectedness of inland lived and communities to the world’s oceans. The garden will open to the public during MAP (Make Art with Purpose) 2013 and includes multi-generational community, educational events.​ INTERVIEW here


Flow: Land to Sea

an Installation and Public Art work


This installation installed at the Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas, Texas, is part of an ongoing project to inspire the public on the connectedness of our inland lives with the oceans, which make up three quarters of the earth's surface. Increasingly suffocating due to man-made toxic pollutants, plastic debris, and over-acidification due to our dependence on non-renewable carbons, we seldom make the correspondence between running our daily lives and making an environmental impact on marine health. As water resources dwindle globally due to global climate change, the ramifications on natural habitats, population, farming practices and just plain clean drinking water, effect us all. And will so even more in the next two decades if we do not take immediate action. Making the connection between fresh and salt water in our minds and hearts can bring the issues home. Every human being knows how important water is to drink, but do we comprehend that the great salty oceans are the lungs of the planet that bring that sweet water back to us? 

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